S. I. “Przyjaźń” offers services in the field of thermoplastics processing and the assembly of electrotechnical components. The specialised employees and high-quality machines guarantee the maintenance of high quality of products.

Processing of thermoplastics:

• Plastics processing is the dominant industry in the Cooperative, we provide services in the processing of thermoplastics SAN, PP, PS, ABS, PE, PC, PA, etc. We have 41 modern injection moulding machines of the Arburg, Engel, Kraus Maffei, Battenfeld and Italtech companies with a mould closing power from 50 to 1200 tonnes and the necessary auxiliary devices, i.e.: thermostats, colour feeders, modern dryers for construction materials. More than 50% of machines are equipped with manipulators to receive details. In the manufacture process, we use the IML technology that allows to automatically apply labels directly to the injection mould.

We have two independent cooling systems for machines and tools that guarantee the necessary stability of manufacturing parameters and a modern central material feeding system of the Koch company.

Manufacture and assembly of electrotechnical components

• About 60 employees specialised in precise assembly and manufacture of electrotechnical components, on the polish and German markets, work in the Electrotechnical Department.

We have:
- METEOR winding machines for winding the wire coils with a diameter from 0.03 to 1.7 mm.
- KOMAX KAPPA 225 machine for cutting and isolating the wires
- machine for the assembly of terminals with diameters of 4.8 mm and 6.3 mm
- stations for controlling the parameters of manufactured components
- assembly stations that guarantee high quality of each operation.
We offer the manufacturing services:
Winding coils, electromagnetic relays, time relays, thermal relays, audio crossovers, thermal cut-off switches.